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High-quality water treatment with the Rhythmixx®

What does rhythmising mean?

Rhythmising with the Rhythmixx® machine imparts a fresh and invigorating effect to drinking water, be it from the tap or a bottle. The movement during the rhythmising process resembles that of the movement of a mountain stream close to its source or the breaking of waves in the sea. The impact of this dynamism is clearly noticeable when you drink the water. The primal joy of refreshing oneself with water has been enhanced by natural means. Many of our clients who have been using the RHYTHMIXX® in their kitchens for a long time have already experienced a long-term effect on their overall state of wellbeing. They feel fundamentally healthier and have more energy.

How do I rhythmise?

  • The Rhythmixx® requires a stable base and a good working height to ensure sufficient freedom of movement for operating the crank. Set your RHYTHMIXX® up in a place which is as free as possible from electromagnetic fields and LED light.
  • It is best to use bottles with a ceramic top for your water because the plastic of plastic bottles or glass caps have a negative effect on the water. The fill-me bottles which you can obtain from Kuboid Ltd. are extremely well suited for this purpose.
  • Our research so far has shown that you get the best results from rhythmisation if you complete a specific number of rotations of the crank handle at a specific speed (length of time). 72 revolutions per minute are optimal for this purpose. But you can also complete 15 revolutions in 18 seconds or 36 revolutions in 30 seconds. The longer you rhythmise in this rhythmic ratio of revolutions to speed, the more potent and stable is the result.
  • Another important point is the level to which you fill the vessel. Only fill your glass bottle or glass vessel to the three-quarter mark with water. The oxygen in the other quarter will then be carried into the water during the rhythmisation. The resulting oxygen-rich water tastes very fresh and has a wonderfully vitalising effect.

1litre water bottles by fill-me

What does rhythmisation do to water?

We had the effect of rhythmisation tested with a qualitative series of methods of examination. Below you see the images of water samples treated spagyrically by Dr. vet. Wilhelm Höfer at his Water Studio, Lake Constance.

Neutral water sample (without rhythmic treatment)

Twentyfold magnification. (the water droplet has a diameter of 3 mm.)

Dr. Höfer: “The mains water in the district of Bambergen appears to be well-centred. However, the whole area of the droplet, with the exception of the centre, is shaded with non-structured, diffuse turbidity and displays no structures of its own. There is no crystallization in the centre.”

Water sample after treatment with the RHYTHMIXX® (36 revolutions)

Twentyfold magnification.

Dr. Höfer: “After rhythmisation, finer formations than in the neutral sample are clearly observable. Fine, harmonious structures form in the centre.”

Water sample after treatment with the RHYTHMIXX® (36 revolutions)

Hundredfold magnification of the centre of the image.

Dr. Höfer: “Hexagram/six-pointed star shapes are particularly precious. Remarkable are the star rays branching out into the finest forms. The abundance of variations is a clear indication of the vital effect of the rhythmised water.”

In his book “Phoenix risen from the ashes”(not currently available in English) Dr. Wilhelm Höfer describes the individual steps of the process of spagyric water analysis. We will gladly send you, upon request, an extract from the book in which this method is described.

Basel, April 2020 Tobias Langscheid


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