Technik und Gestaltung – Gesammelte Aufsätze

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«Research of Rhythm and Technology», the standard work of 1975 by Paul Schatz, now in a third, expanded edition (Niggli Verlag, 2008).

Product size: 19 x 27 cm

Hardcover, in German, 1st edition, 2008
Product size:
19 x 27 cm

«Technology and the Human Sciences», a series of essays from the 1930s and ’60s conveys the struggle between the two opposing disciplines of human endeavour. At the time of writing, Paul Schatz was isolated in his criticism of environmental destruction and his calls for humankind to remember its responsibility for the planet. These are essays from the pen of a Swiss pioneer of environmental technology who, aware of the threats posed by radioactivity, DDT and water pollution, began to search for ethical technological principles ultimately able to be established only through further development of the humane scientific disciplines.

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