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About us

In 1929, the sculptor, mathematician and engineer Paul Schatz (1898 – 1979) made the discovery that the five regular, platonic bodies are invertible and moveable. During the rich creative period which followed this discovery, he invented and developed a whole series of new forms, games, machines, furniture and lamps, that all had some connection to the motion principles of inversion. Marine propulsion systems, airships, mixing machines, new appliances for treating water, invertible lamps and packaging are all represented in his wide-ranging work.

Paul Schatz was committed to the platonic ideal of holism. It was always a matter of great importance to him that the graphics, packaging, measurements and weight, material, texture and finish of his objects all harmonised with each other. He also wanted to make complex mathematical problems more accessible to the general public by means of the beauty of geometric forms and in doing so to appeal to our playful joy of discovery.

Kuboid GmbH was established by Christoph and Tobias Langscheid in March 2006.
The name “cuboid” like the name “oloid” is taken from Paul Schatz. The cuboids are shell shapes of the oloids and are formed during an inversion movement of the cube.

The edge cuboid is formed by the moving edges of a cube, photo: Gmehlin

Our mission is to follow the character of the “cuboid form” in the overall context of the work of Paul Schatz and, in close collaboration with the Paul Schatz Foundation and the Paul Schatz registered company, to convey knowledge of Paul Schatz’s models and their applications.

Our partners

We have been collaborating with Christophe Mou, the designer and programmer of this website since 2006 and he has now created a new website for us.
Georg Iliev designs our graphics and packaging.
We extended our range of products with the help of a number of designers a while ago now. We are very proud of the fact that Felix Hediger designed the FLOYD lamp for us and Oliver Niewiadomski the Rhythmixx kitchen and laboratory appliance. The technical construction is also the work of Felix Hediger

The architects Michael Schultes and Caroline Lotz, who are both actively involved in the Verein Experimonde (Vienna), have worked tirelessly to develop the first cuboid pavilion.

Pole cuboid with the music group SULP, photo: Lola Berger

More objects and utensils are in the pipeline. At this point we would also like to offer warm thanks to our various manufacturers, who for years now have been completing the very challenging production work with great precision. Our diverse range of products would not be conceivable without their stylish craftsmanship.
We are always open to and grateful for suggestions and input from our partners and clients.