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Oloid in aluminum

In autumn 2019, in honour of the 90th anniversary of the inversion of the cube, Kuboid GmbH issued three new oloids made of aluminium. These wonderful objects were manufactured in the aluminium foundry in Laufen, a town not far from Basel. The way that these oloids tumble over a smooth surface is particularly impressive thanks to the weight of their solid casting. The oloids are available in three different finishes.

Alu-Oloid, polished on the front, raw surface in the middle, ground on the back. (Photo Stephan Bösch)

Georg Iliev has designed new packaging for the aluminium and bronze oloids with a very appealing label. Marion Ehrsam of Berlin contributed a small red carpet with the symbol of the tumbling motion.

This autumn marks the 50th anniversary of the award of the patent no. 500,000 for the oloid, issued by the patent office in Bern. Shortly afterwards the WDR (West German Broadcasting) film “Der umstülpbare Würfel – Porträt des Erfinders Paul Schatz (The Invertible Cube – a Portrait of the Inventor Paul Schatz)” was broadcast on television.

Packaging and roller carpet with aluminum oloid with a sanded surface. (Photo Tobias Langscheid)


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