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Kuboid GmbH

Our Address

Kuboid GmbH
Jurastrasse 50
4053 Basel

Tel. +41 (0)61 361 20 10

@: http://www.kuboid.ch

About Kuboid GmbH

Kuboid GmbH was founded by Christoph and Tobias Langscheid in March 2006.

Kuboid, like the name Oloid, is a name invented by Paul Schatz. The cuboids are enveloping forms of the Oloids and are formed during the inversion movement of the cube.

In order to do justice to this enveloping form known as the Kuboid, the company of the same name is committed to serving the oeuvre of Paul Schatz in its wider context. Working in close cooperation with Paul Schatz Stiftung, the foundation devoted to the artist-inventor, as well as with the Paul Schatz Gesellschaft, the nonprofit society likewise devoted to his memory, the company aims to convey to the customers the knowledge appropriate to the models and their applications.

It is foreseen that written publications will form an important part of our product range.

Paul Schatz, who was committed to the holistic Platonic ideal, was equally determined to express this ideal in his designs, which strove to obtain a harmonious integration of graphics, packaging, size and weight, material, texture and finish.

Together with Christophe Mou (Zurich), who designed and programmed this website, as well as with assistance from Christoph Podak (Basel), we launched the internet presentation of the first original Schatz products. It now gives us great pleasure to constantly expand and intensify the range of products, and we remain open to ideas or contributions from our business partners and clients – feedback is greatly appreciated.

Basel, December 2006